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CEAAT is committed to improving access to allergy testing by eliminating inappropriate insurance coverage barriers to guidelines-based care.  Doing so will reduce healthcare disparities, particularly among lower income and minority populations and those in under-served rural and urban areas.

Through education and advocacy at the local, state and federal levels, CEAAT members are focused on ensuring that Medicaid and Medicare policies reflect, and align with, current best practices and guidelines-based care to enable patients to receive high quality health care.


State Senator Gustavo Rivera introduces bill to expand Medicaid coverage to include blood-based testing for allergies.

Proposed Legislation Would Improve Access to Allergy Blood Tests in Primary Care Settings To Reduce Health Disparities in Low-Income Communities

New York Senator Gustavo Rivera and Assemblyman Nick Perry introduce legislation (S.1222(Rivera)/A.807(Perry)) requiring Medicaid coverage for both blood testing and skin prick testing for allergies –

Education and Advocacy Letters

Medical Allergy Testing Policies: Achieving Equal Access